About Blue Streak Fabrication

Who we are, what we can do and our experience make the difference.

Chuck Dearing - Ownwer/Designer/Fabricator - Blue Streak Fabrication

Chuck Dearing: Owner/Designer/Fabricator

Chuck has been in the aluminum fabrication industry for nearly ten years and has established himself as the lead marine fabricator in South Texas.  Before deciding to venture out on his own, he ran several of the largest aluminum fabrication shops in Corpus Christi.  His expertise is unmatched locally and his work is highly sought after.  He constantly strives to produce the best product for a, more than, fair price as customer satisfaction is one of his top priorities.

John Navar - Ownwer/Fabricator/Online Sales - Blue Streak Fabrication

John Navar: Owner/Fabricator/Online Sales

John has been in the fabrication industry for 4 years and was taught by Chuck.  An avid fisherman and off-road enthusiast, he brings a wealth of additional knowledge to the company.  He is constantly working to develop and test new products, especially those related to surf fishing.